Friday, April 21, 2017

Neglecting and Judgement

Neglecting and Judgement

I am very quickly going to talk to you about my project for writing. As one of the most known kids in school, I've been told I'm a role model and people always watch my actions. I see how some other kids in my school act to other and it's actually very sad to see. Since I'm one of these role model type of people I realized that I'm judged quite a bit and realize that some of my actions can quickly change thoughts about me to others. Reasons why I hate being judged is because nobody knows my story of why I act the way I do. Sometimes I will tell other people things but some things just aren't other people's business. I also realize that when someone gets judged they seem to change. Sometimes they are bad and good changes. You don't have to change though, life is to short not to live the way you want.

My other topic kind of relates. Just because you may think your a lot better than others doesn't mean you have the rights to neglect them. I don't think that these people realize what is going through others minds when they get neglected. They could be going through the hardest times in life. Just don't be that person, seriously. Doing this is actually a reason why you can get judged. I'm pretty sure no one would wanna be friends with someone that will neglect you from playing, talking, or hanging out with them.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Great Spring Break

Well Spent Spring Break

         Well, I don't know where to start with spring break. I spent a majority of spring break with someone I don't get to see often. I spent 3 of the 4 days with them. We watched movies and just hung out. I came over Friday through Sunday. When they had to leave it was kind of sad because I knew I was going to miss them. Thursday night I spent the night with a school friend who's blog you can find here: He's a really good friend and we had a fun time playing mini hoop basketball and on his Ps4. Is it just me or does anyone else hate the times where when your at your friends house and you are the last one to fall asleep?

        I don't have much about basketball to talk about so I'll just try to say the best of what I got. I recently had a basketball tournament 1 1/2 hours away from where I live. We won one and lost two. Our first game I did good. I scored 17 points over half of the team in total. The second and third game were terrible. The second team had a really good point guard and that's about it with that team so they shut us down. The third game we played a team which we usually beat but we just didn't play good at all. We all did terrible. That about sums up this post. See ya...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Casual Life for a 7th Grader


For my life, my average day is waking up 6:40-7:00. I go get dress and sit by our fireplace. I check my Instagram and snapchat before I leave for school. When I get to school I go to my locker and grab my first two periods. My first period is Reading. Reading is ok some days but it sometimes its just average. My second period is science which is one of my favorite classes.  After those two classes I go to my locker and grab my next subjects. My third subject is geography which is usually fun when our teacher is having a good day. My fourth period is English. We don't get much homework in English but the class is alright.
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So after my english class we have lunch as a whole middle school except 6th grade. We eat lunch for 15 minutes and then we go outside and socialize. After "recess" we have directed studies, band, or chorus. Directed studies is a time where we can work on our homework we need to do. After one of those periods we have gym or exploratories. Exploratories is a class where we learn life lessons. For example, we have life skills where we talk about drug use and what alcohol can do to the body. Another class we have for exploratories is tech ed. Tech ed is where we learn about electronics and manufacturing. After that period we have 7th period which is math for me. Math is usually fun because are teacher likes to have fun. After that class we have homeroom which is where we go to our homeroom teachers and work on homework.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Hey! Welcome to my blog. I am Ryker. Here's something interesting about me, I love sports! Sports have been in my life for a long time. I've never blogged in my life so this is new to me. Things that might be on my blog is games, sports and my school work.